Pet sitting experiences

Pet sitting references


In august 2018 some friends asked me to look after their 2 rabbits during their summer holidays. This was my first pet sitting experience, near Avignon.

I built a big shelter for these 2 animals in our garden, in order to protect them from our cat and dog's curiosity...

I fell in love with Rasta & Rockette. They were tiny compared to Nuage, our dog (32 kilos) and even Zig,  our cat (6 kilos). Rasta was a little scary : when he got stuck one day in a fence, I discovered his teeth were much too long what his master had not noticed. 

My vet cut them just in time, he could have starved, not being able anymore to eat...

Pet sitting experiences with Nomador

In june 2018 I made my first pet sit, alone, in a small village on Mallorca island. 17km from Palma. The owner had nicely picked me up at the airport.

As I could use buses and taxis, I did not need to rent a car. I had to keep 1 dog : Maggie for 2 weeks. A lovely one, her master prefered to keep off the leash in town, but local police did not agree.


 In june 2019  I went again to Spain, I drove this time to Cataluna. 

 I was invited to look after 4 cats. I drove this time to Cataluna : I was invited to look after 4 cats.    

Bonnie, Diane, Lune and Trompi were very wild cats. Sometimes vanishing for a few days, what I was not aware of...


    Experiences with THS

In july 2019 we went to the Costwolds, my husband and I. I stayed alone 2 weeks after his departure. We had rent a car. 

We were in charge of 3 dogs, 1 cat & 8 hens

Marley, a whippet, Maddie, a labrador (19 years old) and Loki, a young french bouledogue. All friendly.There was also a very loveable cat Chi, and several tropical fish. 

8 hens gave us daily organic eggs for breakfast. Sheep and 3 horses were also staying on the estate but they belonged to an owner's friend, who took them in charge. 

 Chi loved to frighten me jumping on the roof from my bedroom window

In september 2019 I drove to a village near Cucuron, to look after 1 cat 
I  stayed there alone during 2 weeks
Mimi was very independent and lived mostly outside, sleeping under the fig or olive trees. 
As this sit was only 90 km from my own home, with the owners' permission my husband came during a week-end with our dog, Nuage, a border collie. But I kept him attached... Although he was used to live with my cat, I did not want Nuage to chase Mimi


In february 2020, I went alone to Guernsey. The owners let me use their car.  
1 dog this time was waiting for me : Scheggia. A terrier, so sweet.  
As a storm has burst suddenly over the Channel, we were all aware our flights from and to the continent would be cancelled. Too strong winds ! Our plans were suddenly modified. Instead of a full week, I stayed only 4 days on the island !
In august 2020 we went together, Vincent and I, for 3 weeks in Kent
We rented a car in order to be able to visit the area (and National trust great gardens).
We had to look  after Lily and Tommy, 2 cats + 5 hens.  
Sadly, the oldest cat, Lily, who was very sick and 21 years old,  passed away during our stay. Tommy did not seem to notice she was not there any more.  
The 5 hens too gave us organic eggs. 

In december 2020 I went alone, driving under a heavy rain 700km to the west of France.

I spent 9 days around Xmas in Saintes looking after 2 cats, twins both 6 years old.  

If Toto loved cuddles, and to sleep by my lap when I was reading, Ludo prefered to stay all day long in his basket. He followed me once in the garden but the weather was so wet he did not feel often to go out !

Paris,  2021 (one week sit to come) 1 dog & 2 cats