February 2020 : 1 dog


I did not know Guernsey, so I was enthusiastic to go there alone, even for a single week in february. I was lucky, there was not too much rain during my stay. The view of "my" room was gorgious and Barbara and her husband Simon very welcoming and generous.

This nice couple left me their new Fiat, a car I was scared to use on these narrow lanes, with all these people driving on the "wrong" side of the road ! 

Thanks God the speed was often limited 35 miles per hour.

The weather was pretty nice for the season. Not too much rain...

 Unfortunately a violent storm above the Channel obliged us to change our plans and my stay in the island was shortened.

   Scheggia was a lovely and well educated dog, very friendly with all other animals and human beings. I never heard barking although this breed is quite famous for that !

She was great at letting me know she was ready to go out, and eat. We made long walks and played a lot together. When I wanted to read on the sofa, she immediately came and took a nap between my legs.


I had planned to visit Hauteville house, Victor Hugo's mansion during his exile on the island, but the museum was closed for restoration...