How we became pet sitters

As many pet owners, we like our pets as much as kids. Everytime we went abroad (we love to discover new countries) we faced the same problem : what are we going to do with our furry animals ?

A cat needs to stay home, hates  to change his daily routine,  it is rather difficult to travel with a dog, it was really harder with 2 ! Many hotels or B&B owners refuse them, restaurants are not often welcoming. Heat can be a problem when we park with them on board...

People with whom we exchanged homes did not want always to look after our pets, but our vet's assistant often accepted that huge responsability. When she retired, it was urgent to find another solution. To tell the truth, we were afraid to let our cat and dogs in strangers' hands. 

Our first experience with a couple of pet sitters has been a nightmare but the following couples  behaved nicely, sent daily news, many pictures. Some couples came back when we asked  them again. Our animals are all sweet and easydoing.

Registered as home owners first, we decided we could become pet sitters as well,  due to our long experience of home swappers and animal owners. We know how to train puppies, love to play and make walks with mature dogs, we are not afraid by medical issues, are able to give treatments, to face emergencies.

We appreciate calm, organisation, tidyness. And we are always curious to meet other pets.

Married for a long time -more than thirty years- I do enjoy conjugal breaks. When Vincent feels like staying at home, does not want to come with me, my husband keeps our pets, he seems very happy to stay alone with them.

When Vincent accepts to come with me, then we look ourselves for sitters.

Once chosen by a pet owner, it's much easier to select the right person than the other way round : when you know when you will be away, you can begin your own search and select the best applicant(s). Owning a house with a garden and pool, we find quite easily.

So far we have welcomed french, norwegian, sweedish, irish and belgian couples. In their thirties, fifties or older.

Being retired ourselves, I thought it could be difficult for us, or me alone, to draw the attention of owners. I was wrong. Since 2018, we've been chosen 8 times (4 me alone, 4 with Vincent).
In 2 years we have been invited in France, England and Spain. our stays, so far did not last more than 3 weeks. But we are ready to live new experiences, further and longer ones . We would love to pet sit as far as New Zealand and Tahiti.