Our own pet sitters

    Very sad and nice experiences

 As we planned to stay in Perou for a whole month, in march 2018, taking planes and buses on our trip from Lima to Arequipa, Cuzco, Machu Pichu and Titicaca lake, we had to find a solution for our 3 pets. Our vet's assistant could not take them for so long and we did not want to put them in pension. 

We have been told pet sitting orgnizations existed, what we did not know. We  subscribed to Nomador, chose a couple in their sixties, who had lost recently their german shepherd. It was their first experience of pet sitting, as everybody must start one day, I selected them. A very bad  idea !

This first experience became a nightmare. 

Although instructions were very clear -"call us if anything happens"- that couple sent us photos everyday, affirming "everything is OK", but they never warned us our biggest dog, Foudre, fell ill suddenly :  they had taken him 3 times to the vet. They pretended later on they "did not want to spoil our holidays". 

When they called us, our beloved dog was dying ! Foudre passed away that very night (lymphom). It was too late to come back and be near him,  but we were so sad we did not make any more tourism, we cancelled our expedition to Puno and Titicaca lake.We had left a huge dog apparently in good shape, we found on our way back a jar with his ashes !

A few months later, we were very anxious when it was time to find new  pet sitters for Nuage and Zig our cat .  We wanted to go to Croatia, then later on to see friends in Toscana (Italy).  

We were more lucky that time and the following ones too : all our sitters were experienced and charming.  They cuddled Nuage &vZig,  then Zig & Tahoe who looked obviously happy on the pictures we received !