December 2020 : 2 cats

 I spent 9 days around Xmas 2020 in Saintes, a lovely town of Charente maritime (west of France) not far from Cognac and Oléron island. 
 Dinah and Claude had asked me to look after their two pets Ludo & Toto. 

These 2 cats, both 6 years old,  were found by their owners in a field as they were kittens.
With the Covid threat and "lockdown" we were all frightened the petsit could be cancelled or shortened but everything was finally fine.

Ludo was a magnificent but very lazy cat.  Not shy but quite distant.

He spent most of his time sleeping, coming only once in "my" bedroom to have a look before running away in the staircase.

He looked only concerned by food or treats. Not cuddles.

Ludo left his basket and showed up in the kitchen, meowing slightly only when he was hungry.

I was quite surprised when I found him in the garden the only day the sun was shining.

Toto, his brother, was quite different : his hair was not as fluffy but almost the same color. I did not see him much the first days.  He showed up when I was still in bed, came often by my lap or on my belly while I was reading on the couch or watching tv. 

He loved to be cuddled, scratched on ther belly or behind his ears. Toto, for sure, was the kindest one !