June 2019 : 4 cats

When I saw Sylvie's listing, I applied immediately. Even if I had only one reference as a petsitter. The video  I received in return was very appealing. The view over the Mediterranean sea was gorgious ! 

Sylvie was a french therapist living in Cataluña, in a village close to Bagur. She seeked a petsitter for 3 weeks whilst she was going abroad. I decided to drive over there. My husband came with me the first week then I remained alone.

 The cats were invisible on our arrival. The following day, they all ran away when they saw Vincent or I. They could easily hide in this huge contemporaneous house.

Diane took her time to come near me. She was the only one who accepted to be cuddled.


Bonnie always prefered to stay distant,  sleeping often on the terrace, I could see her only when she joined her sister Trompi when she was eating. 

I hardly saw Lune, the black one.