May 2018 : 1 dog

My first pet sit was on Mallorca island, outside of a village  in the mountains, 17 km far from Palma

The german owner, Mechtild, picked me up at the airport. She wanted to stay with me during two days in order to show me her dog's routine and the area.

I did not need a car as there was a bus in the village, which was easy to discover the villages around, and a taxi  to take me back to Palma.

Maggie, the dog  I was in charge of, was pretty old but sweet and very well behaved.

She was usually left free in the village by her owner. 

Everybody knew Maggie in Valdemossa. The baker gave her some pastry when we showed up in front of his shop every morning.

Mechtild did not listen much to the policemen who asked her regurarly to put her dog on the lead.

 On my side, I prefered to attach Maggie when I walked her ! She was was so small I was afraid a driver would not see her before his car when she was crossing the roads. I only let her free on the hiking lanes.

Maggie was a very sociable dog with animals and human beings. 

She loved to take the sun on the terrace, to sleep on the sofa, to keep me company. And to be rubbed on her belly !