Provence in june


My sit in this lovely home with tremendous views over hills and cherry trees was initially scheduled for february 2021 but due to Covid lock down, was postponed until june.The owner needed me to look after 3 cats all siblings, all rescue, all 1 year old.

I was invited privately when we could travel again inside the country. It took me less than an hour to drive over there from my home

0n the day of my arrival curfew went from 9 PM to 11 PM. It was great to be able to stay in restaurants when days, in june, are the longest of the year !

The owner did not want me to mentionher, the area where she lives and even her cats' names, so as I always ask for permission, I respect her decision.

The biggest male, very handsome with fluffy hair, came to me immediately then vanished. After a few days he became more friendly, loved to be brushed.

He spent days hidden in the bushes, often by his sister. Coming inside the house only when it was time to eat.


The second male, with shorter hair, did not show up immediately. He was the most distant.Even quite the same color, these 3 sibblings had different personalities. 2 of them took their nap daily together near the pool.

  At night they loved to sleep the 3 of them on their owner's bed.

The lovely sweet female was the only one who asked for cuddles, she obviously loved when I rubbed her belly. She loved chasing dormice but came often close to me, while I was working on my P.C


I stayed alone for a week but my husband was able to come once and shared lunch with me.

He brought our young dog that we kept wisely attached : although Tahoe was used to cats, we did not want to take any risk.

He was fascinated by the female, who did not seem to be frightened at all, only curious. She came several times towards him but kept her distances.

Although Tahoe wanted to play with her, very excited when she was approaching close, she finally went away, snobbed him.

These 3 cats  were great hunters : I caught them one morning playing with a swallow. I managed to take it out of their paws and after a few minutes of rest on the kitchen table, that young bird was able to  fly to a tree...     

 I enjoyed sunrises and sunsets in that house, as the 2 terraces allowed me to admire both views.