near Uzès

December 2019 : 4 black cats


This sit,  a few days before Xmas 2019, was also in the south of France,  close to our home again. It took me only an hour drive to get to this little village in the Gard region,not far from Uzès. I went alone to take care of 4 black cats whilst their english owners went to Sweden.

 I've been welcomed with a fabulous dinner by my host.

It was pretty hard to distinguish Baloo from All black, Fluffy & Miss Fluffy ; All brothers and sisters, all 3 years old, all black. Two stayed often in the living room near the fire place, another one obviousy liked to go outside on the terrace although it was pretty cold. The fourth remained in the kitchen, sometimes climbing up  on the closets

As I worked on my computer everyday, one took the habit to rest near me. The same one (??) used to sleep on my bed. When she brought me a mouse she had killed I understood I was more than tolerated on her territory.