A few advices


Many friends ask us how we select pet sitters. Discussing with pet owners on forums, who have much more experience than us, we are aware of how important is trust.

Transparent communication before committing is the best way to be sure we're able to give the pet needs and fulfill our commitment.

That's why being now pet sitters as well, we always

  • respect all owners rules and animals routine, whatever different from ours they could be
  • keep them informed whatever happens in their home
  • send them as many pictures and mails as they want
  • never use their food and beverages unless we are asked to do so
  • leave their home tidy, their garden or plants watered
Trust is essential on both sides. So we need to know precisely
  • age of pets (young, mature), breed and weight
  • amount of pets (without forgetting any)
  • pet's health (disabled, deaf, blind, under medication ?) 
  • pet's attitude, indoors and outdoors (calm, turbulent, scary, agressive, dangerous with children, pedestrians, cyclists, other animals)
  • pet's routine (amount of meals per day,  amount of walks, duration, where and when : in the owner's garden/park, outside, on lead or off ?)
  • vet's information (adress, telephone, mail. Who will pay ? Has the owner an account ??)
  • how to get to the clinic (public transportation, taxi ?)
  • emergency infos (where is the spare key. Telephones of help, relatives, neigbours, artisans etc.)
  • types of responsabilities apart from pets ( collecting mail,watering or mowing  garden, etc.)